Curaco Carebidet


Curaco Carebidet is the nursing care bidet (Automatic Toileting Aid System) for the bedridden. It is invented for people with limited mobility such as the elderly, patients, and the disabled.

When Curaco Carebidet detects urine and/or faeces, it automatically flushes the excrement away, rinses, and air-dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanness and comfort of the user without the use of disposable paper diapers. Furthermore, it also counts the frequencies of urination and excretion.
To bedridden, Curaco improves personal hygiene, reduce fungal, bladder and/or urinary tract infections often caused by the use of paper diapers. It also relieves constipation and fecal incontinence.
To care givers, Curaco provides a nursing environment that is free from odor, dirt and mess. It does not consume disposable paper diaper and hence, the costs and workload of diaper change and waste disposable are largely eliminated.

坐得起 (床椅合一)

ComfyLift (bed-wheelchair)



  • 可利用摇控及手动操作,灵活变换成床或轮椅
  • 可调节的座椅靠背、座椅高度及扶手,配合不同体型人士的舒适及安全
  • 可调节的基座高度,可配合不同高度的床使用
  • 可横向移动,方便移动卧床人士
  • 座椅靠背及基座高度的调节由可充电电池操控

ComfyLift is a transformable bed-wheelchair that helps bedridden patients get out of bed. It is designed with both patient and carer comfort in mind and are easy to adjust and operate – saving time for busy carers and improving mobility for the patient. The product is tailor-made for use in Hong Kong and is suitable in numerous caring environments, including hospitals, care homes and day centers.

Major features:

  • Bed-wheelchair transformable by remote and manual device
  • Adjustable seat back, seat height and armrest to ensures comfort and safety for patients of all sizes
  • Adjustable base height that fits beds of different heights
  • Laterally movable to facilitate easy transfer to and from bed
  • Seat back and base height elevation drivers run on rechargeable batteries


3D food printer



Good Goods of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service and Caritas La Vie together attempt to use 3D food printer for the production of soft food. Drawing reference from the PERFORMANCE project funded by the European Union, aim to introduce the concept of 3D food printing to Hong Kong.
The 3D food printer used in this exhibition is manufactured by XYZ Printing in Taiwan, with WECL in Hong Kong as the sole agent. This is a conceptual collaboration with a target to foster food innovation for the elders. The demonstrated products are not for sale at this stage.


Graceful Meal


Graceful Meal offers a wide range of choices of vegetables and meats. Elders can certainly be delighted by its graceful appearance, easily consumed texture and luscious taste.



NAO, an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot invented by a French robotics company, is designed to be an interactive and personalized companion robot which has been programmed with different capabilities that it can develop its own personality and learn new skills.

NAO has been introduced at the Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council’s aged care facilities. With technical support and system upgrades by the Welfare Council’s I.T. Department, NAO can respond to command, do simple exercises and read Chinese poems, to name a few.




UNAZUKI KABOCHAN是从日本进口的智能玩伴,目前于香港圣公会福利协会辖下安老院舍长期使用,取乳名「南瓜仔」。南瓜仔尤其适用于喜欢有人陪伴、喜欢聊天的认知障碍症患者,并且带给患者各种刺激。院舍进行的先导研究发现,患者获南瓜仔陪伴期间,言语及非言语行为问题明显减少。

"Kabo-Chan" comes from Japan. It is particularly suitable for demented patients who like to be accompanied.  Study by elderly homes of Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui Welfare Council shows that application of it is more effective in reducing physical behavioral problems in demented patients than applying traditional doll.



「随席」 是一张可以改善老年人和肢体障碍人士家居生活的创新家具, 为他们解决日常生活中各种的困难.

「随席」可以十分灵活地在狭窄空间自由移动, 特别适合都市中紧迫的居住空间.而它内建的一套电动机械系统, 可以帮助乘坐者很轻易的使用家中厕所, 同时免去了很多尴尬情况.而无线控制功能则方便了无法自己控制的乘坐者而交由家人或照顾人员来控制, 大大减轻照顾人员的负担.

「随席」不只是机能性地为有需要人士提供解决方案. 同时希望木材的不朽和天然的纹理可为乘坐者带来视觉和触觉上的欢悦. 令他们觉得自己是坐在家具上而不是一张轮椅.

Easiseat is an innovative furniture which improves home life for elderly and disabled persons, especially the severely disabled persons who have many difficulties in their daily life. Easiseat is highly manoeuvrable, it can performs spin, sideway and diagonal movements, allow the sitters to access every room freely at home, particularly small spaces and tight corners inside Hong Kong’s compact homes. And there is a set of mechanism which power-assisted the sitters using toilet without embarrassed feeling and hygienic concerns. Wireless control facilitates the sitters who are not able to control by themselves, but a nursing attendant can easily do for them.

Easiseat is not only provides solution to those in needed, it also focuses on Design, Craftsmanship and Durability. Hopping the timeless and the natural beauty from the intricate surface of wood can brings an aesthetic pleasure and comfortable experience to sitters. Let them feeling like sitting on a furniture, rather than a wheelchair.



「天行健」是灵活轻巧,操作简单, 时尚的电动轮椅

“MoBiLET” is a stylish, light and agile powered wheelchair.




BelunTMRingoffers medical-grade, lightweight wearable solution for screening and monitoring post-treatment effectiveness of Obstructive Sleep Apnea.


Heartisans Watch


Heartisans Watch is a smartwatch that accurately measures blood pressure. Unlike cuff-based monitors that squeeze the arm, Heartisans Watch gives users complete freedom and comfort to measure blood pressure at any moment.



REX is a hands-free robotic device for rehabilitation. Designed for people with mobility impairments, including those with more severe disabilities, REX offers rehabilitation options and enhances mobility for a wide range of people.


The Hand of Hope


The Hand of Hope is an award-winning, surface Electromyography (EMG) driven robotic hand rehabilitation device for stroke patients.


Knee Rehabilitation and Monitoring Wearable Device


-Measure and monitor patients or elderly‘s knee movement data.

-User friendly as the device is connected to APP



Luna is a rehabilitation robot which can perform force or EMG driven exercises with patient, entertain with games and perform complex diagnostic tests.

Sit & Shower

Sit & Shower: 一款全自动沐浴机,方便长者独立安全地沐浴。

Sit & Shower: A fully automatic bathing device that enables seniors to bathe safely and independently while reducing the burden for caretakers.






[Bathing] is the tough task for disabled family. To maintain the dignity of life and a better quality of life, we team up three people with the nurse, caregiver, and operator together to provide home-visit bathing service. The team drive the special home-visit bathing car with assembled bathtub to provide professional mobility, on-site bathing service. The home-visit bathing service helps the disabilities to enjoy warm water bath, clean the body, promote blood circulation, calm and relax, and finally relieve the burden of family care. Sisters of Our Lady of China Catholic Charity Social Welfare Foundation (SOLC) creates Global Chinese first bathing training center to provide the education training programs in home-visit bathing services.





Designed specifically for elderly persons living independently, Mirrorgotchi is an intelligent home smart mirror that utilizes a cloud based facial recognition engine to analyze and detect the emotional state of the person in front of the mirror.  Together with a multitude of Internet-of-Things sensors and personal healthcare devices, it forms a Cloud-based, “Aging-In-Place” platform that empowers any caregiver of the elderly persons or even his friends and family, via a custom notification App, with timely and periodic update of the elderly person’s emotional and health related status.

Furthermore, through the built-in video chat function, the elderly person can seek out and engage with other elderly persons with similar hobbies and interests to form ad hoc “Supporting Circles” that encourage them to become one another’s caring buddies.  Mirrorgotchi will alert his buddy (or buddies) if the person is feeling depressed or angry, when an emergency button is triggered, or when he is having a fever.  Many such smart application scenarios can be implemented effortlessly.

In short, the ultimate goal of Mirrorgotchi is to encourage the silver generation to use ICT to connect via a special social network that encourages mutual support and communication.

The EarlySense InSight System

EarlySense InSight 是一个操作简单的病人监测系统,让护理人员能够从中央显示器和各种便携式仪器上查看患者的实时体徵讯息和活动状态等。


The easy to install, intuitive InSight System, enables caregivers to review real-time vital sign information, motion and trends from a central display station and various portable solutions.

Installation is as easy as plugging it in. The InSight System is an ideal solution for environments such as waiting areas, transitional care, psychiatric, rehab, skilled nursing facilities and hospital environments.


Care Giving management system

为了提供更有效的外展管理服务并増加透明度, 我们设计了这一套智护系统,可以帮助你全面提升服务质素(包括预约,编更及服务配对),透过手机Apps,服务员清楚知道每天工作行程,服务对象,项目和到埗时间等),若有体检的需要,(例如,体温,体重,血压,心跳,血糖等),体检数据可以即时自动纪录并通过手机上传至服务中心。当发现某些体检数据有恶化的迹象,就可以作出相应的行动提早预防。这套系统也可以定期发出报告;家人也可以通过网络来查询受助者的情况。有助提高贵院的专业服务形象。

To better provide your care services to your clients, we designed a Care Giving management system, which can be used for both center care or outreach service: this system able to manage the clients’ profile including their vital signs (body temp, weight, heartbeat, blood pressure, and blood glucose level etc) records via mobile apps. This system also able to manage the treatment plan for each client with reminder to the caregivers or centre staffs.  You can extract different types of reports including open up to the client’s family members, which can help raise your service level.



顾意设计 (CareDesign) 结合使用者中心设计与智慧资讯科技,建立了悦龄照护资讯平台 (Jubilage) ,以满足照护端的纪录需求与家属端的资讯需求。悦龄除了可辅助规划照护排程,并可提示生命徵象异常值与生成护理纪录。而透过通讯APP,还能使机构提供家属有关长者的健康近况,以促进信任关係。

CareDesign provides senior care service through integrating human-centered design and intelligent technical solutions. Our vision is to foster the wellbeing of senior citizens living in care institutions by delivering relevant information to their close ones. We create Jubilage, an intelligent care information platform that fulfills the needs of both nursing staff and senior citizen’s family. With schedule-based interface, Jubilage assists nurses in planning their daily tasks. Syncing with the vital sign monitor, user gets all the information on cloud with just one tap. The abnormal data will be highlighted and the nursing record will be formed automatically. Jubilage processes the data into daily reports and emergency alerts to the nursing staff. It also summarises health condition of the senior to the family via messaging apps on demand. Through health information delivery, the trust in the care environment is established and the lives of senior citizens can be more well attended.


SafeMed Medication Management System (SMMS)


SafeMed Medication Management System (SMMS) is an electronic medication system developed by pharmacists to create a complete, accurate, and updated medication record in Residential Care Homesfor elders so that caregivers can easily obtain the latest medication record of each resident. SMMS contains the whole medication database from the Hospital Authority. It may connect with an automatic dispensing machine, medication checking, and drug administration program to relieve the workload of medication preparation, ensure medication safety, and enhance service quality in Residential Care Homes for elders.

香港电讯e体健 - 社区e健康站

HKT eSmartHealth – e-Health station in community


“One-to-many” solution supports multiple users taking health measurements and uploading data - all via just one set of devices at an HKT eSmartHealth e-Health station. Users simply need to identify themselves first by scanning an eSmartHealth health card. The health station facilitates measurement by using healthcare devices connected to the eSmartHealth system. Authorized healthcare professionals can monitor user health conditions remotely while users can view health records/trends via eSmartHealth website or smartphone app easily. The solution is now applicable in over 30 elderly community centers in Hong Kong.


Smart Health Station


Smart Health Station is an All-in-One self-service device, which provides blood pressure, body temperature, oxygen concentration, height and weight management, and other optional healthcare sensors available. Logging with your own smart cards, smart phone app, or wearable devices, you can immediately link with your own health data within seconds. Analysis results can be shared with your friends and families on FB, twitter, or by SMS message to form a self-healthcare circle. Especially these continuous data can also be important information for doctors while receiving medication treatment. Knowing your own health condition anytime anywhere is absolutely a smarter way to manage your healthcare and an unstoppable trend of nowadays.


Mind Delight Games

「智活游戏」是一套全港首创以实体教材配合流动应用程式作认知训练的工具,它专为认知障碍症患者而设,适合个人或中心小组训练时使用。不但涵盖六大认知训练元素,并且揉合理论与实战经验,更融入了「认知刺激疗法CST」的概念和元素, 以加强小组训练的互动,让参与者容易投入和得益,亦确保每个环节都能够刺激相关的认知功能。

“Mind Delight Games” is the first set of cognitive stimulating tool that combines the real games with a smartphone app in Hong Kong. It is designated for elderly with dementia and suitable for both individual and group settings. It contains 6 cognitive training elements (including memory, concentration, calculation, visuospatial perception, objects recognition and language ability) and it also incorporates the training principle and elements of the “Cognitive Stimulation Therapy” in the games. Users will benefit from the interactive group setting and a variety of types of cognitive stimulation in an enjoyable and engaging manner.



“HK-iCap is from University research and the first cognitive assessment system completed clinical validation in Hong Kong that detects early signs of dementia with no professionals required.”




The first brain training application which integrated University research, entertainment and Chinese oriented.


RFID Technology for safeguarding elderly from accidental wandering


Patients with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia are prone to eschewing established lifestyle patterns and are vulnerable to unexpectedly losing their way. The LSCM R&D Centre offers an RFID solution that can detect Alzheimer’s patients when they wander away from their care premises. RFID readers installed near the main exits of a facility and passive UHF RFID tagged vest’s worn by patients work in tandem to detect patients as they pass through the reader exits. The system notifies staff by providing an alarm signal that goes off if a patient leaves the facility unassisted and their vest’s ID will be sent to the computer of the monitoring staff for follow up.



SeeMe is a fully computerized program for rehabilitation and physiotherapy. User is able to recognize himself in an artificial environment and perform a series of exercise.



‘智游人’ 是一种创新设计的防游走设备。旨在减轻认知障碍症患者的护理负担。‘智游人’简单,通用,花费只是港币$ 300,但提供安全的照顾, 可以在家庭或院舍机构中广泛应用,成本效益高。

这设备是使用Walkie Taklie来提醒照顾者/护理人员,通过远程信号允许远程监控长达2-5公里。当患者试图离开家庭/房间时,他/她将触发PIR传感器,通过接力将信号发送到对讲机,并以简单的音调通知护理人员。那么在家的照顾者将有更多的自由来参与自己有意义的工作,如烹饪,去洗手间,甚至在附近的市场购物。设备很简单,一旦插入充电器并按下开关就可以使用。

‘WanderSmart’ is an innovative design that distinguishes from the current anti-wandering devices. It aims to ease caregivers’ burden in dementia caregiving. Being a simple, universal design which costs HK$300 but provides a safe caregiving. ‘WanderSmart’ can be widely applied at home or institutional setting with high cost-effectiveness.

The current device uses the Walkie Taklie to alert the caregiver and allows a distant supervision up to 2-5km via remote signals. When the elder tries to leave home/room, he/she will trigger the PIR sensor that transmits a signal to the Walkie Talkie through a mechanical relay and alert the caregiver with an easily noticeable tone. Caregivers at home will then have more freedom to engage in their own meaningful tasks such as cooking, going to washroom or even nearby market for shopping. It is simple, once the charger is plugged in and the switch is pressed, the device is ready to use.




AccurCare can precisely locate the area that people entering, leaving and staying, which is perfect for home, hospital and residential care center.


Friendly Restaurant


Friendly Restaurant is a mobile app for peoples with different needs, which includes Wheelchair users, Pregnant women, Elderly, Deaf, and Visual Impaired. We collect accessibility information of restaurants, to raise public awareness on accessibility facilities in Hong Kong.


New Cartilage Regeneration Technology



请参阅www.livtis.com 了解更多。

Cartilage injuries and the associated chronic pain may be caused by osteoarthritis, degeneration, trauma and sports injuries.  About 40% of adults over 65 years old have some form of cartilage damage and may require cartilage repairs.

A team of biomedical engineers at HKU led by Professor Barbara Chan of the Faculty of Engineering has developed a new cartilage regeneration technology to grow cartilage tissues out of cells taken from a patient’s body.  The cells, in particular stem cells extracted from a patient’s bone marrow, can be grown into cartilage tissues of the shape and size fit for cartilage repairs and replacements. The use of the regenerative complex tissue plugs will allow patients to have cartilage repairs without the need to transplant healthy cartilage from other parts of the joint, so patients could be benefited from faster healing.

Find out more: www.livtis.com

全球首宗金属3D Plus打印金属足踝骨植入人体个案



Germ-repellent Plastic Consumer Goods

斥菌塑料消费品 -  不含生物杀伤剂却有抗菌功效

Germ-repellent Plastic Consumer Goods – Make Antimicrobial Possible without Using Biocides



Printable Contact Sensor Pad

可印刷的接触压力感应垫 – 实现健康老年

Printable Contact Sensor Pad for Healthy Aging




自2007年开始,耆康会先后开展「大脑健身室」网站、「长青网」、「数码乐 – 长者资讯科技发展计划」、「足不出户乐游新天地」等多项资讯及通讯科技计划,向本会长者推广「寓復康于娱乐」的服务理念。透过创意运用各种时下数码产品,长者可进行有趣的认知及手眼协调训练、享受多媒体娱乐,并增加与外间联繫。另配合天花式吊机,更可提高体弱长者接受復康治疗的动机,提升生活质素。

To promote the service concept of “rehabilitation in entertainment”, SAGE has launched a wide range of ICT projects such as “Brain Gym”website, “eElderly ”website, “Joyful Use of ICT for Smart Elderly” and “Smart Use of ICT for Frail Elderly” since 2007. With the innovative use of various up-to-date information and communications technology (ICT) products, our elderly residents and members can improve their cognitive and eye-hand coordination abilities, explore the digital world and enlarge their social network. With the aid of ceiling hoists, the frail elderly are also motivated to receive rehabilitative training, which enables them to enjoy an enhanced quality of life.


HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre

香港圣公会麦理浩夫人中心致力于通过外展或网络策略为有需要的长者及其照顾者提供社区支持服务。 我们亦会为其他老人服务单位提供支援和培训,以增强前线员工的专业素养,为葵青区提供优质服务。

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre which dedicated to provide community support services to needy elders and their carers in the community by outreaching or networking strategies. We also provide support and training to other elderly service units in order to enhance the professional elements of the frontline workers to provide quality services in Kwai Tsing district.

HKSKH Lady MacLehose Centre have five strategies to promote the concept of inter-generational harmony, which include Shared-reading, Inter-generational Education, Inter-enerational play,  Technology and Green Living.


WebOrganic Fun Zone


  • 模拟高龄体验衣 – 历耆者
  • 体感互动地板 – 北斗星工作室
  • 体感家庭物理治疗感应设备 – 微软香港
  • Arduino机械车 – 城大应用程式实验室
  • 虚拟实境体验 – 北斗星工作室
  • 记忆训练流动程式 – 智活研发
  • 3D打印及耕种机械人– Printact
  • 编程工作坊 – 城大应用程式实验室
  • Minecraft工作坊 – 微软香港

Experiential activities on innovative technology, suitable for primary and secondary students and general public:

  • Elderly Simulation Suit by Eldpathy
  • Kinect Interactive Floor by Big Dipper Studio
  • Kinect Respond Well Experience by Microsoft HK
  • Arduino Car by CityU Apps Lab
  • VR experience by Big Dipper Studio
  • Memory training mobile Apps by Mindvivid
  • 3D printer and Farming Robot by Printact
  • Coding workshop by CityU Apps Lab
  • Minecraft workshop by Microsoft HK


Robotic Bed/Wheelchair

电动轮椅床的床垫是分成两半的,一半依然保持稳固就位,而另一半则可以分开以形成轮椅子的主体。 受护者只需要轻微移动大约几英寸到一侧,并进行一些简易调整,受护者便已经从床上转换成坐在电动轮椅上。而在整个过程中只需要一位施护者从旁协助,大大降低护理人员的工作负担。电动轮椅床不单止确保受护者能够在安全及舒适的情况下从床转换到轮椅上(反之亦然) 及能够增加受护者的活动能力 ,并且能够减少施护者在转移过程中的体力消耗,更加大大减低两者跌倒及受伤的风险。

The mattress of the Robotic Bed/Wheelchair is split in half, with one side remaining firmly in place when the other half is separated to form the body of the chair. The user simply needs to move over a few inches to one side, and with a few adjustments he/she will be sitting upright in an electric wheelchair. A single caregiver assists during the transformation process, significantly reducing the burden on caregiver. Robotic Bed/Wheelchair is not only to secure a safe and comfortable way for the user while transferring from bed to wheelchair (or vice versa) and expanding their mobility, but also it reduces physical exertion of the caregiver to lift and transfer such a person, and eliminates the risks of dropping and injuries.


Bio-functional socks



Skin is more prone to dryness as one ages. Symptoms of dry skin include skin roughness, scaliness, peeling and cracking are common found on the elderly or diabetic patients, especially on their foot. HKRITA’s bio-functional socks are specially designed for our elderly in Hong Kong. Wearer trials were conducted in several elderly centres in Hong Kong and the results show that effective functions were found.

The bio-functional socks can buffer moisture of the feet inside the socks and moisturise foot skin. Manufactured using silver nano materials and with an innovative design of better ergonomic sock structure and functional treatment, the socks can reduce bacterial reproduction and provide better wearing comfort softness and smoothness sensation.


Anti-bacterial Handkerchief


Anti-bacterial and antimicrobic, anti-odour and biodegradable







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